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Anti-dumping comeback fastener business transformation is the way out

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Anti-dumping comeback fastener business transformation is the way out

release date:2014-12-23 00:00 Source:http://www.3167799.buzz

Last year the World Trade Organization (WTO) Appellate Body of Chinese fastener appeal of a ruling paper attracted much attention. In this ruling, the WTO final ruling on Chinese fastener case in point the main proceedings, both at the expert group stage or have made a successful appeal stage, it has also become China's accession to the WTO, the EU anti-dumping prosecution in favor of the first case.

But it is anxious that, although the EU anti-dumping case eventually won the case, but over the past three years, has given way to Zhejiang fastener business experienced a death of pain. Currently one third of the fastener industry companies have closed or in shutdown state, a third of the companies at a loss, only a third of companies still maintain a small profit. Chinese fastener industry and therefore the loss of 400 million euros per year in foreign exchange earnings, while the loss of 800,000 jobs, whether active or passive transformation, Zhejiang companies have clearly realized that the transformation is imminent.

As a global fastener industry's largest manufacturer and exporter, why not the right to speak, but no pricing power? Similar anti-dumping will be a comeback it?

I believe that if the industry does not change the status quo, then the future is still possible will once again anti-dumping. Recently, carbon steel products are concentrated in Haiyan County of Jiaxing, the government introduced an outline on the development of fastener industry. Now foreign market demand for high-end products and low-end fastener fastener demand roughly the same market share is still very large, and the competitiveness of high value-added products where the maximum is very high, so for China's fastener enterprises industrial upgrading imminent.

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