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Domestic fastener enterprises plan the next two years to develop the international market

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Domestic fastener enterprises plan the next two years to develop the international market

release date:2014-12-23 00:00 Source:http://www.3167799.buzz

In the current business is facing a severe test and challenge for domestic fastener market by such several measures, one of which mentioned the need to focus on changes in the European and American markets, and actively respond to all kinds of trade protection measures to stabilize the export market;

To this end, China General Machine Components Industry has been trying to promote the enterprises to speed up structural adjustment, expanding domestic market, explore the international market, we launched a series of overseas exhibition booth reservations, distribution, exhibition and other activities organized. Meanwhile Association also welcomed the export capacity of fasteners, springs, couplings companies to participate and visit the exhibition.

2011 January to September, the growth rate of the whole machinery industry 26%, with exports amounting to $ 7.4 billion, with exports of $ 3.45 billion fasteners, reaching the highest level in history over the same period, during the second five, we are faced with a rare opportunity for development, coupled with changes in international trade patterns in favor of export of parts.

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